We’ve got all angles covered

With 700+ vehicles on the road and growing, we offer efficient and flexible logistic solutions. Maximise your payload, get great value for money, and keep your business growing.

Our fleet includes a range of prime movers, B-doubles, 26-pallet quad axles, single trailers and rigid trucks. 

Safety features

Our fleet uses the latest technology to ensure drivers remain safe


Our vehicles are fitted with Navman GPS navigation and vehicle location systems. This lets our team monitor our fleet with real-time data, ensuring we’re always operating productively and efficiently (and passing those cost savings on to you).  And, with start-to-end visibility, you know where your goods are at all times. 

Real time intervention

All our linehaul vehicles are fitted with Seeing Machines’ Guardian technology, an industry-leading driver fatigue, distraction and accident prevention solution.

The system is monitored by a control centre that can immediately alert our management to investigate a fatigue event, in turn protecting our drivers and the community.

Temperature Monitoring

Our refrigerated fleet uses Cooltrax temperature monitoring systems, as well as inbuilt monitors from ThermoKing and Carrier to check product temperatures in real time.

We also offer customers downloads of temperature reporting, for absolute peace of mind.

Drive greater success

We ensure all vehicles are maintained to the highest standard with our own in-house fleet maintenance department. Our vehicles are washed and sanitised daily, ensuring food safety standards are maintained.

We believe in supporting Aussie businesses, so all vehicles have been purchased from leading Australian trailer manufacturers.

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